The Vivacious Voracious Vegan, Kate Corallo, has been a featured writer for The Dance Magazine of Florida for the past two years. In this issue we take a moment to get to know a little bit more about her.

Let’s start with the name Vivacious Voracious Vegan.
How did you come up with it?

I am vivacious and bubbly and tireless and I eat whole foods and I read nutrition updates voraciously. I love the way the 3 V’s connect when you use the abbreviation VVV. If you take a pen and write a V, then another and another, see how they are all connected? Quite a beautiful symbolism about the connection between whole foods and good health, don’t you think? Maybe I should have used the Vivaciously Voracious Vegan..haha.

Tell us about your youth and hometown.

I loved growing up in a small town in Pennsylvania, but I was always eager to move away and travel and work in New York City.   I am the youngest of 3 children and I have wonderful childhood memories of family fun, playing Barbie dolls, dressing up, loving puppies and frogs, raising pet chickens and fishing and learning how to throw ball like a boy with my brother.  I was a cheerleader, an actress in my high school musicals, on the homecoming court, prom queen and our county’s representative to the preliminaries for the Miss American pageant.   Studying ballet and winning a summer scholarship to the Pennsylvania’s Governor’s School for the Arts is one of my proudest personal achievements.  Dance students from all over the state of Pennsylvania performed countywide to be selected to attend the Governor’s School for the summer at Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pa. After many auditions I was selected. Drama, art, photography and dance students from the state studied and performed with professionals in their chosen art form for that wonderful summer vacation that I will never forget!

Leaving home for College. How was that transition?

As the youngest of 3 children, leaving home for college was harder on my parents than for me.  My years at Centenary were the best for me. I was a big fish in a little pond.  Having by then decided that as much as I loved dancing and performing, I didn’t exactly have what it took to have a career in dance.  I did however; perform in the college’s dance troupe, The Dancemakers.  I worked as a tutor and resident counselor. I was student government president and was inducted into Who’s Who and also became a vegetarian. (Please read my article ‘How It All Vegan, I mean Began’ in a previous issue of The Dance Magazine of Florida.) To this day, I am close friends with 4 women I met at Centenary, which at that time was a private women’s college.  Attending college in New Jersey meant that New York City was within reach. I graduated with honors winning the coveted Seay Awards at graduation.   I was prepared and I was on my way.

Going out into the real world.

My first job was in retail management with Victoria’s Secret.   Les Wexler, of The Limited Corp had just bought the privately owned west coast lingerie boutique.  He opened 2 stores on the east coast.  I was co-manager and opened the Short Hills, New Jersey store.  At that time it was a designer lingerie store filled with antique furniture and scented with feminine fragrances.  It was not the mass marketer it has become today. I then moved to a career-driven chain store and then networked to get an interview in Manhattan for a wholesale women’s apparel manufacturer.  I finally had a job in Manhattan!  I traveled regional shows and worked in women’s large size apparel, missy dresses and finally men’s and women’s contemporary sweaters where I prospered for many years in sales, management and merchandising positions. I was fortunate to be a guest host on The Home Shopping Network for almost 2 years. That was a proud professional achievement.  Selling sweaters on live TV to millions of viewers was thrilling, invigorating and exhausting! I loved it! Once I get my cooking videos rolling, I’ll be performing once again.

Why the career move?

My career move was overdue.  Having always been interested in eliminating animal products in my diet, I was becoming totally plant-based.  To learn how to cook and eat healthy, I needed to read and study.  Having the discipline of a dancer, I have always exercised and eaten to stay thin and fit.  I voraciously started reading nutrition books and decided that this was really my passion.  I studied and became a certified nutritionist.
I still love clothing, jewelry and classic dressing, but my healthy eating passion when shared actually helps clients to be healthier. For once in my life, I feel like I have made a difference in someone’s life.  Even if you just increases the amount of water you drink…it’s a healthy choice.  The rest will come if they are moved by my message of ‘eating to live’ and not living to eat.  I teach that nutrition really is your prescription to good health!

You met special person in recent years that made you very happy.
Want to share?

Yes, I met a special person and because he is a special person he will remain anonymous. Let’s just say that we sealed it with a kiss in a June wedding along the New York City skyline followed by a European honeymoon.  He is a carnivore, but loves vegetables and a Mediterranean diet and has decreased the amount of animal that he consumes.  I believe we were heaven sent for each other. The Golden Rule and gratefulness are my beliefs.  So if you are grateful, you treat others, as you want them to treat you, and you eat a whole foods diet and exercise you will find that life is a more beautiful place for everyone.

What does the future holds for The Vivacious Voracious Vegan, Kate?

With my new website I am hoping to increase my client base. I am working on a video to submit to the Engine 2 Diet Company so that they select me to attend their coaching classes in Austin Texas.  That way I can become a coach for them also. They are totally plant-based and I follow their program explicitly.  Check them out on I am working on a video series of me preparing plant-based food.  I promise they will be entertaining as well as informative.  Eventually I will be presenting live health assessments and health services online so potential clients can see what is involved in an assessment and how together we can handle their nutrition goals.  Also I will be performing Kitchen Cupboard Clean Ups and Evaluations and Grocery Store Tours as well as teaching how to really read nutrition labels.  (If you really eat whole foods, who needs to read labels?  A banana is a banana!)

What would you like to share with your fans?

To my fans, first, thanks for reading the magazine and for trying the recipes.  Thanks for being open-minded and for taking the steps to good health.  It is easy. Increase your intake of vegetables and grains and start eliminating your animal product intake and increase your water intake…you will start looking and feeling better right away.
Learn to read labels and never believe the claims on the outside of the package…read the nutrition labels….
Keep a food log and honestly write down what you eat. You will be surprised to see when and what you eat. It will be eye-opening!

Check out my website, start reading my recommended reading books and get…


Here’s to your good health-VVV

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