By Jenne Vermes

Dancers are always looking to get a “leg-up” in the dance world. Whether dancers are looking for new techniques and exercises, seeking out new choreography tools, or keeping up with the latest audition calls, dancers are finding their smart phones and tablets to be even more helpful than ever. There are a wide variety of apps in circulation for both Apple and Droid devices, and among them there are certainly a few that no dancer should be without.

  • Ballet Index($0.99 or Free for a trial/incomplete version called “Ballet Lite”)
    • Available for iPhone and iPad, this app serves as a comprehensive Ballet dictionary with over 200 ballet terms which are updated and added to regularly. All terms emphasize proper spelling and pronunciation, and many definitions include pictures and examples as well. This is an important tool for ballet students everywhere.
  • StarNow Audition Finder(Free)
    • Updated constantly, this app lets users create their own profile and search through thousands of casting calls, jobs and auditions around the world. Dancers, actors, musicians, artists, models and others in the entertainment industry can search and apply for their dream jobs right from their phones and/or tablet devices. The app can even be set to notify the user when auditions that match their interest are listed.
  • 8Counts($0.99)
    • Enjoy the convenience of this 8-count sheet maker that allows dancers and choreographers to notate and organize their choreography right on their mobile devices. The app allows users to write out their choreography in eight-count sheets which are organized and clearly read. The app also gives choreographers the opportunity to email the sheets to their students/team and even add the music to the file through iTunes.
  • Dance Journal($1.99)
    • This app helps dancers keep track of their dance choreography in an easy to use and organized log-book or journal. Dancers can write out the steps for each dance they want to track, and they can record and add videos of the choreography directly from the app. Files can also be categorized, which helps keep a large amount of dances and exercises highly organized and easy to sort through.
    • is a free app for Apple and Droid devices that acts as a guide and companion for everything dance. Using a dancer’s current location, the app scouts out dance studios, dancewear stores, dance performances and events and many other needs the dancer may have. This ultra-handy tool can help a dancer find and map a new studio, get their shoes and tights for a class nearby and check local studio and performance reviews all in just a few minutes. Dancers should never leave home without this app!

These tools are convenient and important for dancers who wish to have everything dance right at their fingertips. With such important tools as audition-finders and dictionaries, it is a wonder how we dancers ever got along without our iPhones and Droids. Dancers should certainly take advantage of these conveniences while they are available!

Staff Writer Jennelia Vermes, Dancer/singer for The Cruxshadows
Dance teacher at Academy of Dance, Jacksonville, FL
Fitness and Health blogger: and

A resident of Jacksonville, Jenne Vermes is a professional dancer and dance teacher. Having danced for over twenty-four years, she teaches tap and other dance styles locally, as well as master classes at national festivals and workshops.
· Professional dancer/singer/performer with internationally touring band, The Cruxshadows.
- 24 years of tap experience
· Trained with Tap Dog Anthony LoCascio, Derick Grant, Brenda Bufalino and Debbie Dee
· Certified Zumba and Group Exercise instructor (AFAA)
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