About DMF


The Gateway to Florida’s Dance Communities !!

I can not explain the magnitude of my excitement as I looked at the first print of this magazine and reflected on where we all started and how we ended where we are right now.

Each one of us in the dance field has started out dancing under different circumstances. Some of us (myself as an example) were put into dance class because it was our mother’s wishes, whether you wanted to or not. Some of us were just always twirling around in our tutus to the point that our parents just had to enroll us in dance classes. Many of us started at the tender ages of 2 to 4, others didn’t begin until very late in their teens.

Our difference also shows in the direction we eventually took, even though most of us, have had ballet as our basic beginning training.  Some choose specific interests such as jazz, tap, lyrical, modern, ballroom, belly dance, hip hop and so many other directions, but dance nonetheless.

Again at another turning point we had to make other decisions with our talents; do we want to perform, do we want to teach, do we want to choreograph, do we want to write, promote or just be a constant supporter of the arts.

In each and any of these circumstances, we fell in love with dance and decided to dedicate a life time towards it progression, development and staying power. Just look at all the new musicals, dance shows and traveling tours
going on right now all over the world. Could we say that dance once more is at the heights of its popularity, and shouldn’t we as dance aficionados take this opportunity to push forward and keep it at the forefront?

This is the purpose of this magazine to keep dance at the forefront of
everyone’s mind and to make Florida the new dance mecca of the USA.

 Now raise those curtains and let the shows begin!

Karina Felix Fedele