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Florida’s Exclusive Dance Magazine

The Dance Magazine of Florida debuted when I observed the difficulties dance studios were experiencing as a result of the down turn of the economy.  As a former dance studio owner in Providenciales, TCI, I am determined to shine the spotlight on dance as a true art form to be enjoyed by all here in the state of Florida.

One way to focus on dance is to recognize the neighborhood studios and their dedicated owners.  Their passion and courage to open studios and to keep them thriving for the students who love to dance are truly success stories that need to be shared.

We should acknowledge that in Florida we have great studios, amazing teachers, state of the art facilities, and are producing award winning professional dancers, right here in our own backyards.

My desire is to continue promoting, supporting, and preserving dance in Florida, by sharing triumphs, experiences and accolades through The Dance Magazine of Florida as well as on our website.

The Dance Magazine of Florida is a free publication intent on providing each student at every dance studio in Florida with their own copy to read and share.  Every student should be able to learn more about Florida’s dance community and the opportunities available to them here in their home state.

Our goal is to be an important channel involved in the recognition of the art of dance as an integral part of Florida’s cultural development.

This dedicated venture is not possible without the help of our advertising associates.  These contributions, whether large or small toward this publication, make it possible for dance students, studio owners, teachers, parents of students and our community-at-large to share ideas and advice. Advertisers get noticed in our free publication.

And now as the curtain goes up on another season here at The Dance Magazine of Florida, I look forward to being your fellow dance partner and supporter.

I look forward to meeting each and every one of you during this process.

Happy Dancing. Light and Love to all.

Tendus & Bourrées,

Karina Felix Fedele
The Dance Magazine of Florida
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