Stage makeup and makeup for photos

Stage makeup and makeup for photos

In this issue I want to focus on stage makeup and makeup for photos
because they each have different spots to focus on. Stage makeup is dramatic eyes and bold lips while print work has more focus on the skin and defined features.

When doing eye makeup for the stage, I personally think it’s best to not have on lashes, unless you wear a thin pair. The thick ones are like shades pulled down on your eyes and when dancing you don’t want to worry about losing an eyelash or it messing with your vision. If you do the eyeliner and shadow in dark colors, it will give almost the same effect without the heavy weight. Charcoal black is best but also dark blue, dark purple and dark brown are good choices. I would also go with liquid or cream eyeliner; I find pencils don’t stay on as long. Don’t be afraid to bring the eyeliner and shadow out more and create bigger eyes for stage.

When doing lips for the stage, you want a red or pink, nothing too light. Going from a dance, to a costume change to a water break, lipstick doesn’t stay on very long. So here’s a trick to keep lipstick on and in place: Take a two-ply tissue and peel the two layers apart. Use just one layer of the tissue and place it gently over your lips. Dip a brush in translucent powder and dust the powder across your lips. It will give them a soft finish and it also sets the lipstick in place. You might have to do this once or twice. It will leave your lips a little dry so keep them moisturized with a Vitamin E stick.

Make up for print is seen much closer than stage makeup. You can get away with a foundation that’s few shades darker or lighter on stage, but a camera will pick up if it’s the wrong color. This is the time you focus more on the skin. You can do this through highlighting and contouring. You can use cream or powder to highlight and contour or even both.  Use colors one or two shades lighter than your skin tone for highlighting, which brings forward your best features. They are the brow bone, the nose up to the space between your eyebrows, the cheekbone, and the chin.  Apply cream or powder to these areas and blend evenly.
Then use colors that are one or two shades darker to contour, which will add definition.  Include the jaw line, under the cheek bone, the sides of the nose, the temples, and the crease above the eye. Once again, apply the cream or powder and blend evenly.  Besides defined features, you want blemish free skin. The way to do so is by canceling out the red color of blemishes with the color green. You can buy a green concealer at any local drugstore. Put that over the spots and put your foundation on top. The best way to tell if a foundation is the right color is by matching it to your neck or shoulders. Make sure after foundation you powder to set the makeup.

I hope this helps makes your dance experience that much better.
XO Jocelyn Paryz

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